Virginia's 'Pro-Child' Policies

Today the Virginia legislature passed a "bill [that] requires all facilities that perform five or more first-trimester abortions each month to be categorized as hospitals" (

Just to be clear, would this effectively shut down all abortion clinics in Virginia?

We might take this announcement seriously if it were consistent with Virginia's other 'pro-child' policies:

"Some of McDonnell's most significant cuts would come in funding for social-service programs for 1,400 at-risk children. He proposed eliminating services to those who have gone through the juvenile justice system and those who are mentally ill, saving the state $5 million. Children in foster care and special education would still be served. Legislators adopted a two-year, $78 billion budget in the spring that cut millions from education, health care and public safety - curtailing state spending more aggressively than any in generations. But by June, Virginia ended the fiscal year with a surplus of about $404 million" (

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