Ross Douhat Makes Things Up in His Article "Sympathy for the Radical Left"

In this Sunday's column "Sympathy for the Radical Left," Ross Douhat

"This weekend Greece is voting again, and the Coalition of the Radical Left has a chance to improve on that performance. If it does, and its leadership finds a way to form a coalition government, Syriza has promised to cancel the austerity program that the euro zone effectively imposed on Athens in exchange for loans and bailouts. In doing so, its leaders would be daring the E.U. to push Greece out of the currency union — and the E.U. might have no choice then but to shove. The elite consensus is that this would represent economic suicide for the Greeks, as well as a potential disaster for Europe as a whole."

Oh, he forgot to tell you, when Argentina faced a similar situation and defaulted on its debt it took the country from the worst recession to the biggest economic boom in its history.

(Graph of Argentina's GDP; defaulted in 2002)

It's unclear what "elite consensus" he is referring to. There have been hundreds of articles written in across the spectrum of media sources arguing that Greece should pull an Argentina.

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