Your initial statement is shocking for its hypocrisy and boyish logic. It is also clear that you are lazy and did not read the article.

You note that women are autonomous and thus have the responsibility not to involve themselves with abusers. The article notes that "in 1994 [Sheen] was sued by a college student who alleged that he struck her in the head after she declined to have sex with him. (The case was settled out of court.)"

If you approach this story from an elementary level of morality, you would apply the same standards to Sheen and other abusers that you apply to their victims. Assuming that drug addicts who assault people have the same autonomy that women do, certainly you would note that people who commit domestic violence deliberately choose to do so and thus should be punished for their crimes.

However, your logic perpetuates the twisted justifications for gender violence:

"Women mean "yes" when they say "no"; women are "asking for it" when they wear provocative clothes, go to bars alone, or simply walk down the street at night; only virgins can be raped; women are vengeful, bitter creatures "out to get men"; if a woman says "yes" once, there is no reason to believe her "no" the next time; women who "tease" men deserve to be raped; the majority of women who are raped are promiscuous or have bad reputations; a woman who goes to the home of a man on the first date implies she is willing to have sex; women cry rape to cover up an illegitimate pregnancy; a man is justified in forcing sex on a woman who makes him sexually excited; a man is entitled to sex if he buys a woman dinner; [and] women derive pleasure from victimization."

To say that victims of violence are at fault is a sick double-standard that exonerates rapists.

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